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A Personal Relationship

We will partner with you to build a relationship defined by your goals and preferences, and your active involvement. Not every client is the same and so we tailor our services to meet your unique needs. We will help you choose the right level of advice for your needs--whether it's investing, managing your retirement plan, college savings plans or your estate.

Financial Planning

At the center of any financial plan are your priorities and goals.  We will work with you to create a financial plan and investment strategy to meet your unique goals.  Your financial plan will be tailor-made to reflect your priorities, from retirement income and estate and family wealth transfer planning to insurance and debt management. This may include charitable gift planning or education planning for your children or grandchildren. Some of our clients want to tap our knowledge base and consulting resources on an as needed or hourly basis; other clients choose to have our financial planning services together with complete portfolio management.

Portfolio Management

If a client chooses comprehensive asset management and financial planning on a fee basis, we will meet regularly to keep the plan up to date as life evolves.  We will present specific investment recommendations and a clear explanation of the benefits and risks. The plan will reflect our thorough, disciplined approach to investing, including risk and return analysis, inflation expectations, “what if” scenarios, and careful asset allocation. Quarterly performance reports help us measure progress towards your goals. We provide financial planning, professionally managed portfolios, specialized strategies, and customized advice. Custody of all securities is through Charles Schwab, Inc. Institutional, SIPC/NYSE.

We are--for the most part--conservative money managers utilizing model portfolios based on our client’s cash flow needs, savings, goals,  timeframe and age. As such, we employ fundamental and value-based research on a broadly diversified asset allocation basis, and we choose investments on “best of class” and no or low cost. 

We help our clients to identify and clarify their values and--when appropriate--invest with ESG social screens that match their values and personal objectives. ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) focused on sustainability investing and financial planning uses our long experience in pioneering the stakeholder/ shareholder conscious movement. Some of our clients move towards divesting enterprises that exhibit egregious water and resource use and towards investing in companies which employ consciously sustainable practices. Our clients compliment us on our sensitive, intuitive, compassionate and understanding communication skills.

Specialties: We serve business owners, professionals, retirees and families in investment management; college planning, retirement and estate planning, ESG investing and charitable giving.

Please see disclosures about confidential personal information and investment recommendations on the  Client Resources  page.