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Giving Back:CenterPoint matched its employee charitable contributions at year-end 2017. The firm is committed to the good work of social, cultural and humanitarian efforts around the world. To see the charities we supported see a list on the Services page.

New Update: A new Sustainable Investing page on this website shows how financial planning and investing can match our clients' values through sustainable investments.

Eagle on the Move – Priscilla Gilbert, CFP® '99 Priscilla is featured in the Boston College Alumni website news for her work with sustainable investing.    Click here to view it.

Ideas and Research.

  • We are following the development of crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum as well as various disruptivetechnologies and applications in genomics, cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence. Disruptive technologies are innovations that create new firms, products, services, and alliances and that eventually disrupt existing markets.

  • We have recently added CAPE Shiller ( utilizing a longer stock price /earnings look-back to more accurately forecast future dividends and returns in stock selection)  US and European funds to our line-up as well as an investment in infrastructure fixed income. 

Chobani Founder/ CEO talks at AI conference about work ethos- "What makes a good job?"Click here.

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Schwab gives tips for recognizing and preventing cyber hacking and fraud. Click here.

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